We are almost at the finish line! The gifts for loved ones are beautifully wrapped, our homes are bathed in shimmering lights, and festive savory meals are being planned. So much love and care goes into preparing for the holidays…let us not forget to pamper our skin during these hectic weeks. One of the easiest tips for healthy beautiful skin is to remember to wash and cleanse your face at night. Even after those fabulous late-night parties. Heavy holiday makeup can clog pores, leaving your skin looking dull and distressed. Remember to apply your eye cream at night and your anti-aging serums and moisturizers during the day. Mineral makeup should be a staple in your holiday routine, and always, always, always apply your sunscreen. Simple skincare steps will allow you to shine as you glide gracefully and effortlessly to the New Year!


Give the Gift of Sensational Skin for the Holidays

Are you wondering what to buy the person who has everything? I have the perfect answer for your most discerning relative or friend. Consider quality medical-grade skin care as a great present for the holidays. The Blume Skin Centre has several excellent lines of skincare including: PCA, Avene, Glytone, iS Clinical, Vi Derm, and Jane Iredale. We also have attractive packaging and gift sets that are a great value and already wrapped. I can help you pick the best gift for your mother with anti-aging concerns, your teenage son with acne or your friend with dry skin. This holiday season, Jane Iredale has a fun gift of Chocoholicks Lip Glosses. This gift packaging comes with a retractable lip brush and four delicious glosses with chocolate essence. This is a fabulous gift. Still can’t decide on a present? Why not give a gift of a skin treatment? Check out our Holiday Specials and remember to be ready for the Mistletoe! Learn more about dysport vs botox which is better



Real Value from Realistic Expectations

Cosmetic procedures such as laser treatments, Pixel, dermal fillers and Botox are great for the appropriate indications. Nonetheless, too many spas, doctors, and other injectors lead patients to think these will get the same results as surgery. That is not always the case. There are people who can benefit greatly from non-surgical procedures and then there are those who will be disappointed by the results.

If you go to a doctor for non-surgical procedures, make sure you’re given realistic expectations. For example, Botox will give you great results for fine lines, wrinkles, brow lifts, some neck changes, and other areas. But if your eyelids are full of excess skin, please don’t think Botox will get rid of this. If there is a large amount of redundant (excess) skin on your whole face you would need too much filler (Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptra) to make it worthwhile. On the other hand, if you want fuller lips, Juvederm and Restylane will easily get you there without surgery and probably better than surgery. Deep lines on the face are corrected appropriately with fillers but may also be eliminated with a face lift, the major differences being cost, pain, and downtime.

A good injector can help improve your nose silhouette and make it look smaller for a fraction of the cost of a surgical procedure. Obviously the results will not be the same, but if you are looking for value, dermal fillers may be right for you. As long as you are made aware of the difference, your expectations will be aligned with the result.

So, ask the person performing the procedure for their realistic expectations of the outcome and ensure the before-and-after pictures show what was explained.