The Full Tilt Poker weekend tournaments wrapped up on Monday with plenty of exciting action and substantial prize pools. With hundreds of thousands of dollars up for grabs, some of poker’s finest showed up to try their luck!

$500K Guarantee

$200 + 16 No Limit Hold’em (Super Stack, Multi Entry)

High Roller Pro $97,888

swish3113 $67,851.84

Fresa4ever $47,913.60

OMGCrackedACES $36,064

Holyhellofanelk $26,790.40

CupcakeThePig $19,577.60

w4ldo $13,910.40

BauerHarms $9,788.80

Manyya $6,697.60

With 2,576 entrants and 270 places paid, the $500K Guarantee tournament had an excellent prize pool of $515,200. 먹튀사이트 This was the first major win on FTP for ‘High Roller Pro’ for nearly 100K, but ‘w4ldo’ has made a habit of making big splashes online. The runner up, ‘swish3113’, recently took down FTOPS Event #26 for over $65,000.

The Sunday Brawl, $200,000 Guaranteed

$240 + $16 No Limit Hold’em (Super Stack, Knockout)

1,018 Entrants             $203,600 Prize Pool

schrutebucksss $40,720

mariukai $27,119.52

Olycrawford $19,342

TroopTroop1 $14,455.60

healey87 $10,790.80

Hoss022 $7,940.40

p00cket00 $5,904.40

linusfalk00 $4,275.60

DQnk $3,054

The winner of the Sunday Brawl, ‘schrutebucksss,’ took home over $40,000, following up impressively on a near victory in the MiniFTOPS Event #3 earlier in the month, with those two scores totaling over 88,000! The runner up, ‘mariukai,’ is a solid gambler, who consistently performs well in online events at every level.

The Sunday Mulligan, $60,000 Guaranteed

$200 + $16 No Limit Hold’em (2x Stack)

401 Entrants             $80,400 Prize Pool

*NoBadBeatsPlz $16,783.51

*Cal42688 $15,697.49

mully07 $9,223

bonafidedonkey $7,218

__theKevlar__2 $5,413.50

lawnmower0 $4,010

iwonthurtyou $2,606.50

vincelis $2,005

matthew66 $1,604

The Sunday Mulligan once again had a large number of entrants, and beat its guarantee by over $20K. The top two players made a deal and took home very similar payouts. The winner, ‘NoBadBeatsPlz,’ is an online veteran with an impressive resume, including a fifth place finish in the Sunday Brawl just two weeks ago. Calvin ‘Cal42688’ Anderson has won nearly a million dollars on Full Tilt, and much more on other websites, and continues to show off his fantastic poker skills every week.

The Friday Night Fight ran last Friday, with poker professional ‘AshTheDonkey’ taking down $11,132. Ash is a big winner overall and has made over $20K in the last two weeks. The tournament featured 92 entrants willing to pay the $500 + $35 buyin. Last week’s $1K Monday winner ‘Aguskb’ came in tenth place.

The $1K Monday just wrapped up, with ‘KaKeTKA’ winning a dealt finale for $26,000. This is another big win for ‘KaKeTKa’, who’s up hundreds of thousands in just the past year. The winner of the $500K Guarantee, ‘ItalianCrusher,’ came in fifth tonight for $7,600.

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