‘Swimming With the Devilfish – Under the Surface of Professional Judi Online, is the new book focusing on British Poker players. It has been written by Des Wilson. Launchpoker.com reports:

First, the book centers on British poker players, and Uliott is one of the best there. Second, Uliott is a sharp dresser who owns a jewelry business, and is known as something of a shady character, although that may be promo fluff.

A First of its Kind – National Deaf Poker Tour

The National Deaf Poker Tour began last weekend, in Atlantic City. Dealers were being assisted by sign language experts, in order to communicate with the players. This event once again brought out the fact that poker is a game of universal appeal. This unique poker tour was configured to meet the needs of the deaf poker players. The buy in’s for the event were at $100. The winner of this tournament was John Merriman. In the final event there were 27 players. The winner walked away with a prize of $6,330. Launchpoker.com reports:

This was the first stop on the tour schedule. The next event will be held at Dean’s in Las Vegas in the month of July, the same time the final event of the World Series of poker will be taking place. There will be a third event sometime this year.

Avoid These Commonly-Made Mistakes, While Playing 7-Card Stud

Poker is as much a game of skill as of chance. However, strategic play is extremely important to the game. Sometimes, the player can make such fatal mistakes while playing the game that he or she can damage all chances of making money or winning. Here are a few mistakes that you could make while playing 7-Card Stud. Beware of these!

A card that you might be needing, if it turns out to be an upcard of your opponent, then this cannot be of any help to you. Keep an eye out for cards that are no longer in play and work your strategy around such cards.

Many a players try to slow down the play if they have a really good hand. But this only permits others to hang around till the end. If you have been blesses with exceptionally good cards, raise the bet and knock off players as far as possible.

Never give way to starting hands while playing. Good players play only about 25-30% of their starting hands. Be selective and choose those hands that stand a good chance at the pot.

Never get so involved in your game that lose focus of your opponent’s hand.

Do not forget about Pot odds – they are very important to a game of poker. It is suicidal to call all the way to the river, without proper pot odds.