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Onus is on the higher education institutions

The unemployed graduates issue has been publicly discussed for many years and, despite many attempts by both the Government and the private sector, it is far from being resolved. One wonders how many more years will be required before the public universities and government-sponsored institutions can do something to put this matter to rest. Once again,

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We can surprise them

When his England bound teammates were enjoying a nice little break from cricket before the tough tour, Bangladesh captain Habibul Bashar was kept busy by demanding consumer brands infront of the camera for shooting commercials. But the Tigers’ captain was only focusing on the upcoming challenge during the first full Test series in England and

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Tête-à-tête with Masud Ali Khan

Actor Masud Ali Khan is a favourite “father figure” of the small screen. At present he is essaying the role of a father in the mega serial 69, directed by Mustafa Sarwar Faruqui. Why does he prefer such roles? In Masud’s own words, ” It’s basically the director’s choice and I am mostly expected to

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East Asia needs a dispute settlement system

Will two liberal democratic states resort to war over territorial and/or other disputes? In the real world, can we imagine Canada declaring war against the United States, France against Germany or New Zealand against Australia, for some known or unknown irreconcilable feud? How about Britain and Spain over Gibraltar? Most political pundits, policy analysts and

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She misses being big and pregnant

While most new mums can’t wait to get their figures back, popular TV actress Zoe Tay misses being big and pregnant.   ‘I loved knowing that the baby was in there,’ she said.   Zoe gave birth to a son, Brayden, in February.   The actress, who has played the role of mother many times over

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Suicide bomber kills almost 50 in Kurdish city of northern Iraq

Almost 50 people were killed as a suicide bomber struck an Iraqi police recruitment center in the Kurdish city of Arbil, a day after Iraq’s first democratic cabinet was sworn in. In a separate attack in Baghdad, a car bomb killed nine Iraqi soldiers and injured 17 people in the southern district of Dura, an

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