Ever wondered how to get the least value from your pocket rockets during our Floptober Fest?

Here is a simple how-to article that will explain it in detail.

The first step is to get dealt your sanghoki rockets (A-A in case you weren’t sure). The best possible position for this scenario is the big blind, with another player posting an initial blind, that way you were guaranteed to see the flop. And just so we are playing for more than pennies lets say the blinds are $1/$2.

For those who arent up to speed on the Floptober promotion, if you flop quads queen or higher you win 100 times the big blind. So if you have a pocket pair queens or higher, you really want to see a flop.

So back to our how-to guide. Now that you have your pocket rockets, and your opponent in the initial blind has checked over to you, its time to make a decision.

Choice A

You could simply check and go to the flop, that way ensuring your shot at a Floptober bonus of $400.


Choice B

You could bet out hard forcing your opponent to fold, therefore forfeiting your shot at the Floptober bonus, BUT winning a mighty $6.

I personally would go with Option A, you’ve gotta be in it to win it. Over the weekend a player went with Option B, and while I’m sure he was happy his aces held up, I’m fairly certain that the sting of passing up the Floptober bonus (yes his aces hit) is still more than a tickle.

Nuts or Donuts…

Lets face it, sometimes when you see a flop you just have to fire at it. It doesn’t matter if you have the nuts or you have nothing, you have to take that shot. From looking through all of the Floptober Fest hands I’ve seen plenty of both sides of the equation.

Obviously in this case I’m seeing plenty of players bluff and get crushed, lets face it, I’m looking at hands with quads queens or higher. However the point must be made that sometimes its worth taking a shot at that flop. Often you can pick up a pot unchallenged when you bet out at flop with a two queens, even A-K is going to be crushed if you do hold a queen. Representing that big hand can be nearly as good as holding a big hand. You just need to avoid those quads!