An online poker operator, based in Stockholm is in the news suddenly. The operator in question is slot gacor. Reports say that it may go in for a London stock market floatation. It would have a value of almost 400 million pounds. This has been reported by The Daily Telegraph on Sunday. The company presently owns website. It has been holding talks with several banks in this regard. The company sure has bright prospects with its value going up with a London IPO. reports:

The newspaper said Patrik Selin, Ongame’s chief executive, expected to float next year. He said the company, which owns the site, was in negotiations with six or seven investment banks, but had not yet chosen an adviser.

Hollywood Poker Chips in an Amount Equal to the Prize Pool of Two Weekly Tournaments For Katrina Relief

Stars get together to play poker for a noble cause. Well known poker room, Hollywood Poker will be bringing Hollywood stars together, to play friendly poker. It has associated with International Hospital for Children Foundation. Patronized by Dennis Quaid, this charity provides aid for the child victims of hurricane-struck Louisiana. Throughout the rest of this month Hollywood Poker will contribute an amount equal to the prize pool from the two weekly tournaments. This amount will be donated to the American Cross and the International Hospital for Children Foundation. Joining in this initiative, will also be the Michael Woods Celebrity Invitational takes and the Hollywood Poker Celebrity Classic. The resident star at Hollywood Poker, James Woods says that he is extremely touched by all the efforts made to provide relief and help. He feels privileged to be a part of Hollywood Poker and of the new initiatives being undertaken, to reach out to those, suffering.

“We feel it is our duty to help in any way we can, lending support to those who desperately need it. We are very grateful to Hollywood Poker for the opportunity of making this possible.”

Grand Gala Opening of the $7 Million Hamilton Jai-Alai and Poker Facility, Today

The Hamilton Jai-Alai and Poker facility is situated where Interstate 75 and US 129 meet. It is worth $7 million and will have its grand opening on Sept. 17th. The official opening ceremony will be first held and this will be followed by the inauguration of the card tables.  The Hamilton County facility will provide for par-mutuel betting along with 35 tables for limited stakes betting. These bets can be placed on poker games like Texas Hold’em and 7 Card Stud. In the offing are plans for a simulcast room for betting on horses, harness and dog racing. Guests can also enjoy watching a game of college or professional football here. This facility has been opened after a long drawn controversy between Hamilton County Commission and the developer Glenn Richards. reports:

The Hamilton County Commission called for a special election to be held in 2003 to allow the public the opportunity to decide whether to accept of reject pari-mutuel wagering the county. According to county attorney John McCormick, the last a special election of this kind relating to this issue occurred had been almost 30 years.