Actor Masud Ali Khan is a favourite “father figure” of the small screen. At present he is essaying the role of a father in the mega serial 69, directed by Mustafa Sarwar Faruqui.

Why does he prefer such roles? In Masud’s own words, ” It’s basically the director’s choice and I am mostly expected to portray a father of middle class or an affluent family. However, performing as a father character in plays is not always monotonous as every character differs from the other. The roles are usually diverse and challenging.”

Adds Masud: “I’m eager to play negative or comic roles. Ironically, I had played characters of young fathers, even when I started acting in TV plays.”

Commenting on the current TV plays, Masud says, “The number of TV plays have mushroomed, but the quality has nose dived.” He adds, “Nowadays, anyone can emerge as a director. Moreover, quite a few of the renowned makers are often guided by commercial considerations. As a result, the quality of the TV plays suffer.”

Masud thinks that BTV should shoulder the responsibility of presenting more quality and experimental TV plays. He says, “As the President of Television Actors’ and Playwrights’ Association, I have requested the BTV authority to look into the matter, however it has not been implemented yet.” As for the potential of the young artistes, Masud asserts, “A person needs to develop himself to become a skilled actor. But, most of the young artistes do not concentrate on developing their potential.”

Going back in time to recall his younger days, Masud says, “I began my acting career quite early. Back in 1968, I joined Drama Circle, a pioneering theatre troupe. I learnt a lot from this organisation, especially from Mir Maqsud Us Salehin, the actor, director and designer of the troupe. I performed for Drama Circle till the 1990s. When Drama Circle was non-functional, I bid farewell to theatre.”

About the scenario of stage plays before our Liberation, Masud Ali Khan says, “In those days we staged our plays mostly in the auditoriums of USIS (United States Information Service) and Engineering Institute. We staged plays by Rabindranath Tagore and translated plays by renowned classic dramatists like Sophocles. There were few female artistes performing in our group at that time but they were not regular.”

Besides acting on small screen, Masud has performed in radio plays and cinema. Masud says, “So far I have performed in hundreds of radio plays. I perform there as that gives me opportunity to meet my peers.”

“I first appeared in films in 1964 in the film Nodi O Nari, directed by Sadek Khan. I have not performed in many films though, as one has to commit longer hours.” adds Masud.

For his charismatic performance in the TV, Masud Ali Khan has won many awards. Of those, he considers the Meril-Prothom Alo Critic Award for the best actor as the most prestigious.