The rumors about Kylie Jenner dating Tyga have been all but confirmed by the low-key couple’s affectionate Instagram pics and frequent intimate dinners together.

Still, they’re not officially an item, and as long as Kylie remains legally off-limits (she’s 17, Tyga is 25), it’s unlikely that either party will confirm that they’re romantically involved.

So maybe T-Raw got sick of having to lie about his love life. Or perhaps things were just moving to quickly (sources say Kylie is in love with Tyga).

Whatever the case, the rapper may have moved on, as he’s reportedly been spending a lot of time with Sacramento Kings heiress and aspiring pop star Anjali Ranadive.

In addition to hanging out courtside (a group led by Anjali’s dad has owned the majority of the Kings since 2013), Tyga and Anjali have been spotted boarding private jets together for destinations unknown.

Naturally, she claims their relationship is purely platonic and professional.

“We’re just friends and working on music together,” Anjali tells TMZ. “I look up to him musically and i can’t wait to make even more music with Tyga in the future.”

No word on how Kylie feels about these two “making music” together, but we’re guessing she’s not pleased.

After all, it’s been rumored that Tyga got involved with Kylie while he was still engaged to Blac Chyna, so clearly fidelity is not his strong suit.

Sure, Kylie’s more famous, and their relationship would be more beneficial to Tyga’s career (once she’s legal), but never underestimate the appeal of a woman who’s father owns a freaking NBA team!

Mel B: Stephen Belafonte Would NEVER Hit Me!

Melanie Brown, a.k.a. Mel B a.k.a. Scary Spice, is standing up for her husband Stephen Belafonte in the wake of rumors that he abused the pop sensation.

After weeks of Internet and media speculation about their marriage and whether Stephen Belafonte abused Mel B, she addressed the uproar on Instagram.

“This is for my fans havin problems with my Twitter … will be back soon!” Brown, who was also hospitalized for an overdose, if you believe the tabloids, wrote.

“I’m very good was very polly but much better now and for the record my hubby never would lay a hand on me sorry took so long but any response fuels rumors.”

“#lovemyfamily #lovemyfans”

This was alongside the photo above, in which she and Belafonte look very happy and content. So how did such scandalous rumors get started then?

Fans began to question the possible abuse of Mel B after the X Factor judge appeared to be bruised and cut in the reality show’s live finale in the UK.

She had missed an earlier episode due to a hospital visit and wasn’t wearing her wedding ring when she returned, celebrity gossip sources reported.

On Christmas Day, the singer said it all when she posted a picture with Belafonte and their little girls, writing, “Have a merry Christmas! #familytime #funday.”

Here’s hoping she did, too.

Belafonte has spoken out several times recently on social media and in the press, defending his marriage and insisting he has not abused his wife. Are you looking for business translation services? Contact Translation Services UK