The 14th installment of FullTilt’s Online Poker Series has come to an end. 신규 꽁머 XIV went down swinging late last night, as the Main Event concluded at 9:11 AM EST Monday morning. Over 5,000 players ponied up the $535 entry fee, creating a massive $2,735,500 prize pool.

The tournament was hosted by FullTilt’s newest professional, Tom “durrrr” Dwan. For those living under a rock the past few years, Dwan is a high-stakes cash game professional who competes against the likes of Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius, and Doyle Brunson on a daily basis. Durrrr came into the national spotlight when he created the “Durrrr Challenge”, a 50,000-hand heads-up battle with a $1,500,000 side bet. The first to take him up was Antonius, and the two have completed nearly half the necessary hands, with Dwan taking a nice lead. Dwan has also been featured on GSN’s High Stakes Poker TV show, where he battled with Barry Greenstein in playing two of the biggest pots ever recorded on television. Although he is known more for his cash game prowess, Dwan did final table the WPT Championship, taking home 4th place and over $320,000.

Joining Dwan was a strong field, including nearly 70 FullTilt Sponsored Professionals. Amongst the “pros” were former WSOP Main Event Huck Seed, multiple WSOP bracelet-holder Greg “FBT” Mueller, Isaac “Menlo” Baaron, and five-time WSOP bracelet-holder Allen Cunningham. Only five professionals made the money, with Dave Colclough’s 250th place finish being the best of the bunch. Ivy-league educated Brandon Adams finished in 356th place while rapping Jeff Madsen also made a small cash.

A bit of air was let out of the final table’s tires when the last three players decided to chop the remaining prize pool. Third place finisher Adam Junglen is no stranger to success in big poker tournaments. Heading into this final table he already had more than $500,000 in both live and online cashes, including a 6th place finish at EPT Barcelona for over $257,000 and a win in the Sunday Million back in 2007.

Turbo tourneys are always action-packed with many preflop shoves and chip leads changing regularly.  FTOPS XIV Event #15 was no exception.  It was a $200+$16 buy-in tournament that ran on a turbo schedule.  With more than 2,800 players, the prize pool ran up to $564,800.  The tournament went from beginning to crowning its winner in just three hours and 25 minutes.

With the blinds at 20,000/40,000, the largest stack at the table had only 23 big blinds.  This provided enthralling final table play with the preflop shoves coming repeatedly and little postflop action to be seen.

Overbe777 was the first to go when he was busted out holding KcQc and ran into bobboufl11’s AsKs.  A three-way pot saw DE KID’s AhQc go against Big Bear Hills’ 4h6h against fan4mizzou’s 4h6d.  The best hand held and DE KID tripled up while Big Bears Hills was sent to the rail in eighth place.  FresnoDull would fall victim to fan4mizzou after his Jd7s was unable to best fan4mizzou’s AcTc.  FresnoDull left in seventh place.  DE KID would be the next to go (in sixth place) when his Kh8h lost to bobboufl11’s Ac8s.

Brin1285 hit a patch of bad luck when his aces were cracked by fan4mizzou’s Qh9d.  In the subsequent hand, his Kc3d ran into fan4mizzou’s pocket queens and he was sent to the rail in fifth place.  Fan4mizzou was out in fourth place after his Kh5h hit top pair on the flop to have skinjiimi’s Ad6d hit an ace on the river.  Charder30fanobv would claim his place for heads-up play when his Ac8h beat bobboufl11’s Ks2h for all of his chips.  Only 86 hands after beginning the final table, bobboufl11 was out in third place and heads-up play was set to start.

Five hands later, the short-stacked skinjiimi shoved 8c9h to be called by charder30fanobv’s AcJd.  In rather anti-climactic fashion, the Qc3s2h7sKc board hit neither player and charder30fanobv won the tournament and the $114,654.40 prize with ace-high.